Campus Cup


Illinois Tech Campus Cup Challenge

2015/2016 School Year

Description and Points System



The purpose of the Recreational Sports and Fitness Program is to provide exercise, recreation, competition, and fun to all participants in a relaxed yet structured environment. In order to encourage more students, faculty/staff, clubs, and other university organizations to join in the fun, the Intramural Sports Program has adopted a point system that allows for the crowning of Campus Cup at the end of each academic year. The point system provides more incentive for individuals and groups to participate in multiple Recreational Sports and Fitness events by keeping the thrill of competition within its limits and placing a heavy emphasis on having fun through participation.


General Guidelines:

Campus Cup Points will be awarded only for activities in the Fall and Spring Semesters of an academic year. Teams and organizations must use the same team name throughout the academic year to earn points for the Campus Cup.  For example, East Hall may 3 women compete in the participation in that activity (ex Slaymakers – Triangles). The number of points awarded to a team will be dependent upon the classification of the activity, performance in the activity, forfeits, scheduling, sportsmanship, and attendance at meetings.


The Prize:

The Campus Cup Champions will have their names engraved on the “Talon Cup”.  The Cup will be displayed in MTCC.  The championship team will also be given a customized t-shirt and a $200 gift card!


Team sign up w/ minimum # players (League)25/team

Team sign up w/minimum # players (tournament)10 pts

Illegal players participating-10/player

Forfeit (w/o notice)- 10/game

Unsportsmanlike Penalty- 15/incident

Perfect Sportsmanship Throughout season15/team

Attending captains meetings10/team



Winner of the League100 pts

Winning record at the end of round robin25 pts

2nd place in League80 pts

3rd place in League70 pts



Winner of Tournament50 pts

2nd place30 pts



Points available will be announced in the marketing of each special event.  


How to Sign Up:

Get a team together!  (Maybe your dorm floor, your fraternity/sorority, your favorite student organization.)  

Create a team under Campus Cup in

Or follow this link: