2014 Baseball
Overall Streak Home Away Neutral
18-14-1 (.561) Won 2 9-4-1 5-4 4-6
  • * Conference Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 1610:00 AM vs. University of Wisconsin-SuperiorW-5-21-0 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 5)
 Game 2 vs. University of Wisconsin-SuperiorL-10-111-1 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 5)
 17Game 2 vs. Carroll CollegeL-6-81-2 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 5)
 10:00 AM vs. Carroll CollegeW-10-32-2 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 5)
 199:00 AM vs. Augsburg CollegeL-1-92-3 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 4)
 Game 2 vs. Augsburg CollegeL-1-122-4 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Field 4)
 209:00 AM vs. Gustavus AdolphusL-2-72-5 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Kino Stadium)
 Game 2 vs. Gustavus AdolphusW-7-63-5 Details
 Tucson, AZ Invitational (Kino Stadium)
 274:00 PM @ Calumet College of St. JosephPostponed3-5 Details
 Game 2 @ Calumet College of St. JosephPostponed3-5 Details
 301:00 PM vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldW-7-24-5 Details
 Played at Southeast HS in Springfield, IL
 Game 2 vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldL-3-54-6 Details
 Played at Southeast HS in Springfield, IL
 511:00 AM vs. Finlandia UniversityL-0-34-7 Details
 Game 2 vs. Finlandia UniversityW-2-15-7 Details
 610:00 AM vs. Finlandia UniversityW-7-36-7 Details
 Game 2 vs. Finlandia UniversityW-2-17-7 Details
 73:00 PM @ Holy Cross CollegeL-0-87-8 Details
 Game 2 @ Holy Cross CollegeL-1-57-9 Details
 93:00 PM @ University of ChicagoW-8-58-9 Details
 105:00 PM @ Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyW-9-79-9 Details
 121:00 PM @ Marian CollegePostponed9-9 Details
 Game 2 @ Marian CollegePostponed9-9 Details
 131:00 PM @ Rockford CollegeW-3-210-9 Details
 171:00 PM vs. Lakeland CollegeW-10-111-9 Details
 Game 2 vs. Lakeland CollegeW-12-112-9 Details
 1812:00 PM vs. Finlandia UniversityW-12-613-9 Details
 Game 2 vs. Finlandia UniversityW-12-014-9 Details
 211:00 PM vs. Purdue University-North CentralL-2-1214-10 Details
 Game 2 vs. Purdue University-North CentralT-8-8 (5 Innings)14-10-1 Details
 Game was stopped after completion of 5th due to weather.
 264:00 PM @ Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeW-4-215-10-1 Details
 Game 2 @ Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeW-5-016-10-1 Details
 2711:00 AM @ Purdue University CalumetL-4-5 (8 Innings)16-11-1 Details
 Game 2 @ Purdue University CalumetL-0-616-12-1 Details
 301:00 PM vs. Calvin CollegeL-5-10 (8 Innings)16-13-1 Details
 Game 2 vs. Calvin CollegeL-0-1316-14-1 Details
 23:00 PM vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeW-11-117-14-1 Details
 Donation Night for the St. James Food Pantry
 31:00 PM vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeW-19-718-14-1 Details
 @ US Cellular Field Home of the Chicago White Sox