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Champions Club

The Illinois Institute of Technology Champions Club will honor outstanding athletes, athletic administrators and coaches for their athletic performances, leadership, and contributions to their teams while at IIT. IIT had a long-standing membership with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and at times had dual membership with the NAIA and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III of the (NCAA). Since 2013 IIT has solely competed as a member in Division III of the NCAA. Student Athletes have been selected to the Sports Hall of Fame on their successes while participating under these two national associations.


To recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of intercollegiate athletics at IIT, either by virtue of their performances on athletic teams representing the College, or by meritorious efforts on behalf of the athletic program or the Institution.



There are three levels of membership into the Athletic Hall of Fame: 

  • Champion
  • Honorary Champion
  • Team Champion



Champion Membership

  • Individuals must have graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Have distinguished themselves by their outstanding athletic participation (National Champion, Conference Champion, All-American, All CCAC, All Region, All Conference MVP/All Star, Record Holder, Leading Scorer, Player of the year, etc.)
  • Serve as examples of outstanding character, courage and leadership which the University seeks to develop in its athletic program


Honorary Champion

  • Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the University's athletic program
  • Individuals who have significantly contributed to the development of student-athletes who qualify for Champion membership
  • Continued after graduation to distinguish themselves to their organizations through outstanding achievement


Team Champion

  • Teams, which have distinguished themselves in competition (National Champions, Conference Champions, outstanding win- loss record, league championship, NAIA tournament participation, etc.)
  • Teams, which have brought honor to the University
  • Teams which have provided to the University leadership, character and courage



  • Individuals or teams will be eligible for selection anytime after their 5th anniversary of their graduation or team participation
  • Any IIT alumni, faculty, staff, or member of the selection committee may nominate individuals or teams for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Anyone who nominates an individual or team must provide documentation (records, statistics, occupational information) and submit that with a completed Nomination Form to support their nomination
  • Nominations will be accepted by the selection committee up to the end of April of that year of selections
  • Individuals who are nominated but not selected will automatically be re-nominated or withdrawn by the selection committee on a yearly basis



  • Selections will be made once a year by the selection committee
  • Selection committee members will consist of current athletic staff and administrators
  • Selections will be based upon the documentation provided to the committee and any other supporting information the committee may have (University records, yearbook information)
  • Nominees must receive a majority (2/3) of the vote by the committee



  • Champion Membership-not more than six (3) individuals
  • Honorary Champion Membership-one (1)
  • Team Champion Membership-one (1)


To Nominate some one please select HERE to access the official form.