Fri, Jun 06, 2014 - [Women's Lacrosse]

The IIT Women's Lacrosse program has donated sticks, goggles, and goalie equipment to the Outreach With Lacrosse and Schools (OWLS) Program. The OWLS program is a not for profit organization dedicated to starting transformative lacrosse programs for inner-city schools and low-income communities. The organization provides the students-athletes with quality lacrosse instruction, courses in team building, nutrition programs, enrichment programming, academic outreach, mentoring and first hand exposure to top-tier high schools and universities.

"Sam Angelotta (OWLS Director and Founder) has created a great opportunity to bring more than just the sport of lacrosse to these students. He has given them an opportunity to become better students and teammates through challenging themselves to be better on the field and in the classroom," said Kirk Lamitie, Illinois Tech Women's Lacrosse head coach

More information about the OWLS program is available on its website.

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