Thu, May 29, 2014 - [Scarlet Hawks]

Chicago, IL – Illinois Institute of Technology announced its Athletic Director's Honor Roll for the Spring semester.  The Honor Roll requirements include posting a semester grade point average of 3.25 or higher.  A total of 71 student-athletes were honored for their accomplishments. 

The student-athletes named to the Athletic Director's Honor Roll are:

Baseball:  Austin BoosElliot ChibeDarwin Argumedo, Erik Bordner, and Brian Colon-Rodriguez

Cross Country / Track and Field:  Andrew MontagueEthan MontagueMitchlie Martyr, Samuel Wietlispach, Anne CrotteauSara Glade, Peter Lau, Amy Rice, Courtney Rouse, Quentin Shipley-Mellon, Raman Walwyn-Venugopal, April Wanagas, Ellen Ween, and Greta Zola

Men's Basketball:  Samuel RarickAnders BybjergVignesh Rajagopal, and Peter Ciezczak

Men's Soccer:  Irewole Akande, Gustavo Alvarez-Suchini, Nordine Amlaiky, Ayun Brown, Robert Gawrylo, Nathan McMahonRex Meier, Alex Thompson, and Euijin Yang

Track & Field (only):  Tommy Mai

Swimming and Diving:  Billy BafiaMaria Behrens, Kevin BoldtNicole Frantz, Tanner Grieve, Joseph Lakner, Felipe Bergh, Abigail Maze, Luke Strenski and Matthew Williams

Women's Basketball:  Michelle ArriolaVanlim Ma, Gayatri Tawari, Evelyn Thomas, and Neilina Vierra

Women's Lacrosse:  Heather Bennett, Florencia Carrerou, Alex Miller, and Breanne Stromberg

Women's Soccer:  Kristen BarrettHailey Kunkel, Adrianna Maron, Roxanne MyersAnida Phetchanpheng, Ana Salgado, Melanie Standish, Merridith Tedtsen, Whitney Theisen, Veronica Torres, and Maria Warren

Women's Volleyball:  Lauren Capuano, Taylor Duman, Kate Kendall, Brittany MeadRoma Mirutenko, Michelle Tadlock, Rebecca Wilson and Elizabeth Woltman

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